Museum Herman De Cuyper

Museum Herman De Cuyper

Mechelsesteenweg 249, Blaasveld (Willebroek)

Sculptures that capture the imagination is what Herman De Cuyper's museum is about. He skilfully managed to capture profound emotions and significant life moments. Definitely worth a visit.

Museum Herman De Cuyper

From the age of 34, Herman De Cuyper lived in his newly built home in Willebroek. He was a farmer, sculptor and husband. The sculpture gallery in the artist's home shows his technical mastery in the numerous thematic depictions of mother and child. Or in the profound emotions and significant life moments such as love, marriage, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, family and the dream world of the child. The site, which totally reflects the spirit of the artist, is the synthesis of De Cuypers creativity and artistry. The eldest daughter, Celestina De Cuyper, expanded the artist's home with a museum complex around 1974. Joining forces, they continued with the building project for four years. The museum has been permanently open to the public since 1984.

Museum Herman De Cuyper

Sitting Family, Herman De Cuyper

The 1975 oak group sculpture of a Sitting Family depicts the intimate tenderness of a family. The couple appears to kiss gently. Their nakedness symbolizes vulnerability. The baby rests in the mother's arms. The focus is on the strength of the family.

Zittende familie - Herman De Cuyper

Charlientje, Herman De Cuyper

Herman De Cuyper, who ‘depicted intimacy’, modelled Charlientje in bronzed plaster in 1932. The figures he portrayed and modelled in clothed or nude forms were models from his family and circle of friends. Georgette and Charlientje, the daughters of his older brothers, were the first girls he modelled. Charlientje, a life-size child nude, illustrates his rapid progress to smooth modelling. This more classicist approach perfectly matched the prevailing trend in Belgian sculpture at the time and is often described in professional literature as animistic.


Charlientje - Herman De Cuyper
Charlientje - Herman De Cuyper

Reading Joanna De Win, Herman De Cuyper

The 1932 bronze sculpture entitled ‘Reading Joanna De Win’ depicts a teenage girl intently reading an open book. De Cuyper captured her elegance in her pose and made it look as if she was taking an imaginary walk in space. This youth work is a true nature study in plaster, preserved after the devastating V1 bombing at the end of World War II.

Lezende Joanna De Win - Herman De Cuyper

Trinity, Herman De Cuyper

The museum features samples of the various materials and techniques used by Herman De Cuyper. Trinity was carved from Carrara marble, from marble quarries east of Carrara, in the Apuan Alps in Italy. The white colour complements the spotlessness of the Trinity and its religious dimension. It is a fusion of father, mother and child, and a paragon of love.

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Mechelsesteenweg 249
2830 Blaasveld
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  •  Open Monday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00 hrs.


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