Van Eyck. Rubens. The Flemish surrealists and expressionists. In Flanders, old and modern masters are at home. It is here where they lived and worked. Where they found their inspiration. And it is here where you can still see many of their works - sometimes even in unique places.

Experience our Flemish Masters where they are at home

Zicht op de Molenvijver van Joseph Coosemans (detail)
The Emile Van Doren Museum is a living museum, not only looking back to the past but also developing current and contemporary activities.
Begijnhofkerk in Mechelen (interieur)
The Baroque church of the beguinage of Mechelen is a gem, not only on the outside. Its interiors and rich collection of paintings, too, are well worth a visit.

Not to be missed

Hidden Flemish Masters put on the map

The ‘Flemish Masters in situ’ locations are spread throughout Flanders and Brussels. They are easy to find using this overview map. Map out a route for yourself and visit a number of these special places.


Our Flemish Masters

Flanders is a cradle of art and heritage. That began long ago, when the Flemish Masters made their mark in the world of painting.

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