The Thrush's nest

Het Lijsternest

Stijn Streuvelsstraat 25, Ingooigem

Upon entering the Thrush’s Nest you will discover the welcoming world of Stijn Streuvels, immersed in friendships, shared passions and creative minds. You will get to know the artists Albert Saverys, Modest Huys and Jules Lagae, and their intriguing connection with Streuvels.

The Thrush's Nest

Stijn Streuvels did not want to be celebrated with a statue, but he hoped that the Thrush’s Nest would remain unchanged after his death. Thanks to the Department of Culture, Youth and Media and the Letterenhuis (House of Literature), it was preserved in the state in which Streuvels left it, including the artwork of his friends, souvenirs from his travels, his extensive library and his writing desk. Visitors experience a sense of hospitality in the author's home. A place where creativity has free rein. Because where Streuvels once wrote, writers still come looking for inspiration today.

"No day without a line."

Zonsopgang, Modest Huys

Sunrise, Modest Huys

On the advice of Emile Claus, Modest Huys (1874-1932) joined the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 1900. During this period he got to know Stijn Streuvels through August Callens, a farmer based in Avelgem. Later on Huys also developed a friendship with Hugo Verriest. He painted Sunrise around 1915. Using small brushstrokes in pastel shades Huys portrayed a cow contemplating the rising sun.

View of Damme, Albert Saverys

Albert Saverys (1886 - 1964) created the oil painting entitled View of Damme. The Church of Our Lady is depicted at the centre of the composition. At the bottom right hand side Saverys wrote: “For Streuvels in memory of our boat trip, Alb Saverys". The boat trip he refers to took place in 1924, when Streuvels went on a boat trip with Jozef De Coene, Arthur Deleu and Albert Saverys. The three artists challenged each other to paint the best painting of the tower of the Church of Our Lady. Saverys immortalized the snapshot in time using oil on canvas. Although he did not take into account the actual proportions of the church, it is easily recognizable. Streuvels later wrote the book entitled ‘Op de Vlaamsche binnenwateren’ (On Flemish Inland Waterways) referring to this event. Saverys' painting served as the cover illustration for the very first issue.

Zicht op Damme, Albert Saverys

Bust of Guido Gezelle, Jules Lagae

Early in his career, the sculptor Jules Lagae (1862 - 1931) was commissioned by Hugo Verriest to create a bust of Guido Gezelle. Gezelle (1830 - 1899) was a poet, priest and teacher known for his poetry about nature and his powerful use of language. He was the uncle of Stijn Streuvels. Remarkably, they almost never talked to each other about their work. Lagae used the bust as a model for his other works. He was also later given the honour of casting Gezelle's death mask.

Buste Guido Gezelle, Jules Lagae

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Stijn Streuvelsstraat 25
8570 Ingooigem
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•    From 1 April to 30 September, open Wednesday to Sunday from 11.00 to 12.30 hrs and 13.00 to 17.00 hrs.
•    Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.


•    The building is partially accessible to disabled people. The mezzanine is not accessible.
•    Streuvels House has a wheelchair accessible toilet and lift. Parking is provided for people with disabilities.

Good to know

  •   Admission: € 3.00 standard rate

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