Saint Catherine’s Church

Cornelis Floris II de Vriendt

Sacrament Tower of Zuurbemde
Sacramentstoren van Zuurbemde

Explore the intriguing history of the Sacrament Tower of Zuurbemde, a mysterious and rare masterpiece. Perhaps you can unravel who the couple at the foot of the work might be?

Sacramentstoren van Zuurbemde

Saint Catherine’s Church

Saint Catherine's Church is dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria. The 16th-century chancel and transept are representative of Brabant Gothic and are among the oldest parts of the building. Inside, the masterful sacrament tower has been in place since 1557. Saint Catherine’s Church is a symbol of the rich history of Zuurbemde.

Sacramentstoren van Zuurbemde

Sacrament Tower attributed to Cornelis Floris II de Vriendt

A sacrament tower is a tabernacle made of stone, often in the shape of a (partially) freestanding tower. Usually it is located on the north side of the chancel, against the outer wall or under the pointed arches of the ambulatory. It serves as a repository for consecrated communion wafers. The sacrament tower of Zuurbemde which dates back to 1557 is attributed to the workshop of Cornelis Floris II (1514-1575). Although written evidence is lacking, the dating and style of the tabernacle point to him. Some striking similarities to Cornelis Floris’ sacrament tower in the Saint Leonardus Church in Zoutleeuw, reinforce this assumption. A weathered inscription on the pedestal states that Hendrik van Halle and Steven Jordens commissioned the tower in 1555. The identity of the couple kneeling at the base of the tower remains a mystery for now.

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