Villa ter Ide – Studio Martin Wallaert

Werk van Permeke bij kunstenaar Martin Wallaert

Artists often collect art themselves. They have a good eye for it and appreciate the talents of their fellow artists. Painter Martin Wallaert has an impressive collection, not of famous artists from the other side of the world, but of artists from the region. They were inspired by the landscape and their immediate surroundings and are consequently displayed here in their familiar environment.

Villa ter Ide - Studio Martin Wallaert

Countless small, outstanding museums and intriguing heritage sites can be found along the meandering river Leie in East Flanders. Villa ter Ide in Zulte is one such location. The house was built around 1925. It is now home of the painter Martin Wallaert, who uses it to display his private collection of Latem artists, including the brothers Gust and Léon De Smet, Frits Van den Berghe, Albert Saverys, Constant Permeke, Emiel Claus, Hubert Malfait and Albert Claeys. He gives you the opportunity to get to know these iconic artists from the various Latem groups within the intimate and homely atmosphere of his studio and home. It is an ideal starting point to familiarize yourself with their work at your leisure and subsequently visit their own museums or houses.

Villa ter Ide – Atelier Martin Wallaert (interieur)

Nude - Constant Permeke

This beautiful reclining nude by Constant Permeke is on display quite casually in the living room at Villa ter Ide. It stands out because of its size and simplicity. The diagonal composition introduces a dynamic element but the work mainly exudes peace and serenity. The model lies stretched enjoying the moment with her eyes closed. The face is beautifully detailed. The rest of the body is typical of Permeke: large proportions and whimsical lines that ultimately create a harmonious entity just the same. And all with plain charcoal on paper.

Zulte Frits Van den Berghe Gusta De Smet

Frits Van den Berghe (1883-1939) - Woman Sleeping (Gusta De Smet)

Gusta De Smet, who was Gust De Smet’s wife, frequently posed for him as well as for other artists such as Frits Van den Berghe. In this sketch, she is sleeping serenely. She is a robust woman but in her sleep she appears innocent and defenceless. Frits Van den Berghe often looked for symbolism and meaning in his subjects, but in this case it is simply a domestic scene. An ode to friendship. He signed with his monogram at the bottom right. His oeuvre can be seen in the Ghent Museum of Fine Arts.

Gustave De Smet (1877-1943) - Flowers

The former residence and studio of Gustave De Smet, which has been comprehensively renovated, is open to visitors. You will be immersed in its authentic atmosphere and still see most of the interior as De Smet had decorated it. This vase of flowers is displayed against a dark background that sets off the colours to perfection. The paint has been applied in a thick layer and you can perceive the hand of the painter who painted the canvas with tense movements. Once completed though the composition was totally balanced. Gustave De Smet often painted vases with flowers giving him the opportunity to exhibit the brilliance of his expressionistic colour palette. Did you know that this work was once exhibited at the famous Venice Biennale?

Zulte Vaas met bloemen Gustave De Smet
Zulte Leon De Smet Honorine Van Hecke

Léon De Smet (1881-1961) - Charcoal Drawing of Honorine Van Hecke

Léon De Smet was Gust De Smet's brother and also an artist. Unlike his brother Gust, he chose an easier path and painted many portraits commissioned by wealthier citizens. This is an atypical work by the artist of fashion designer Honorine Van Hecke, who was the wife of Paul-Gustave Van Hecke, a cultural all-rounder who maintained good connections with the Latem painters. Some of her designs have been retained at the MoMu fashion museum in Antwerp.

She often posed for painters such as Léon De Smet but also for Frits Van den Berghe. This depiction shows her in a forthright and pensive mode. The Mudel museum in Deinze also has a life-size portrait of Honorine in a yellow dress, painted by Léon De Smet.

Zulte Emile Claus Hooilandschap

Emile Claus (1849-1924) - Hay Stacks

Emile Claus often painted outdoors and was the leading representative of Impressionism in Belgium. This work takes some time to fathom. Only after a while do you notice the six haystacks and the winding river in the distance. The work dates back to a stay in France. Emile Claus’ oeuvre is scattered across the world, in places including Barcelona, Bayonne, Berlin, Bruges, Brussels as well as The Hague, Deurle, Firenze, Gothenburg, Mons, Lille, Ostend, Osaka, Paris, Reims, Rome, Venice, Verviers and Warsaw. Most of his paintings are on display in the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent and the Museum of Deinze and the river Leie Region.

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