FeliX Art & Eco Museum

FeliX Art & Eco Museum (interieur)

A rather intriguing location can be found on the outskirts of Brussels, on the border of the Pajottenland region, where the farmhouse and farmyard of the artist-farmer Felix De Boeck are bound to captivate you. The contemporary museum building right alongside it pays tribute to his innovative oeuvre and his undeniable influence on modern painting in Belgium. A small green oasis and pioneering art, what more could you want?

FeliX Art & Eco Museum

The contemporary museum building stages exhibitions on Felix De Boeck, avant-garde contemporaries and artists that reflect the farmer-painter’s rebellious views. However, the site also offers a glimpse into his living environment, his farmstead and farmyard. He worked and lived in the farmhouse all his life and his parents and grandparents before him. A Flemish master in his original location, in his farmhouse in his beloved Drogenbos, where he set up his painting studio in the attic.

Abstract van Felix De Boeck

Abstract - Felix De Boeck (1898-1995)

His easel in the studio displays a painting he created in 1920. It is an early work and totally abstract. Later on De Boeck will incorporate spatial landmarks such as depth and light and incorporate figurative elements. The poet Pierre Bourgeois labelled De Boeck’s abstract work ‘Plastique pure sentimentale’ (the art of pure emotive plasticity). 


Man with Apple - Prosper De Troyer (1880-1961)

In the front room hangs a portrait of Felix De Boeck painted by Prosper De Troyer in 1923 and entitled ‘Man with Apple’. A young Felix in his biotope as a farmer, in his beloved standard tree orchard. This orchard is now protected and is part of the biodiversity project that incorporates the entire Felix De Boeck farmyard. Two cows are grazing in the orchard, just like they used to at the time of the farmer-painter.

Drogenbos Proper De Troyer Man met appel

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Kuikenstraat 6
1620 Drogenbos
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  • Open Thursday to Sunday from 10.30 to 17.00 hrs.

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday open for groups and events only.


  • Easy access for people with disabilities.

Good to know 

  • Admission: € 10.00 standard rate

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