Saint Martin’s Church

Sint-Martinuskerk Berg

The oldest church in Berg is a perfect example of Romanesque architecture. Take time to pay a visit to admire the restored architecture and the artwork inside. One of the eye catching features is the apostle beam, which is typical of the Maasland region.

Saint Martin’s Church

The first church in Berg, which is said to have been built on the foundations of a pagan temple, was dedicated to Saint Martin. It was originally built in Romanesque style in the 11th and 12th centuries. The Romanesque gate in the north aisle still bears witness to this. Many additions and renovations were implemented over the next few centuries, with significant modifications made in particular during the Gothic building phase. 

The church was completely restored and returned to its original Romanesque character in the 20th century. The Romanesque and Gothic building phases were preserved internally, and the apostle beam returned to its original location. 

Sint-Martinuskerk Berg

Apostle Beam

The church contains a 15th century apostle beam, the origins of which date back to a very old ritual. Clergy were separated from the laity. The chancel and nave spaces could be separated by a low parapet, sometimes supported by a crossbeam. In this case, the beam is decorated with painted representations of the apostles. The Salvator Mundi was depicted at the centre of the beam. 

What is peculiar here is that the beam includes only eight rather than twelve apostles. Presumably it had to be shortened to fit between the columns.

Sint-Martinuskerk Berg

Saint Martin

The south aisle contains a late Gothic statue of Saint Martin, dating back to the 17th century. Martin was the son of a Roman tribune. He was born around 316 in Sabaria in present-day Hungary and came to Gaul as a horseman, where he converted to Christianity and left the army. He was bishop of Tours and also died there. This wooden statue depicts Martin as a soldier on horseback as he cuts his cloak in half with his sword and gives half to a crippled beggar. According to legend, that same night he dreamed that Christ came to him dressed in the half he had given away.

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Opening hours

  • The church can be visited from March to September, every 2 months, on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 14.00 hrs accompanied by a city guide.

  • The guided tour dates are as follows: 10/03/24, 12/05/24, 14/07/2024, 08/09/2024.

  • Participation is free, registration by email or phone is mandatory.


  • Not accessible to the disabled.

Good to know

  • Admission: free

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