The Courtly Ceremonial Chamber

De Hofkamer

You’d better watch out because you could easily miss this special site and walk straight past it. Enter through the wonderful gate and discover the Hofkamer and its garden right at the back. From here you can see the cathedral's imposing bell tower and enjoy an intimate carillon concert. 

The Courtly Ceremonial Chamber

The Courtly Ceremonial Chamber also known as the Hofkamer is a magnificent eighteenth century building, tucked away in the courtyard of the Den Wolsack mansion in Antwerp. The blue-green colour palette on the walls, accented with bronze coloured mouldings, is a sophisticated reminder of irretrievably lost artwork: the canvas murals which François-Adriaan Van den Bogaert used to cover the walls in all the rooms in 1772. His Hofkamer is a fitting reflection of his burning ambition. He immerses you in an overwhelming experience that engulfs you as soon as you cross the threshold.

Goden op de Olympusberg

Gods on Mount Olympus

The unknown artist of this 1772 painted ceiling was extremely talented. Thanks to him, the ancient gods seem to hover above the Hofkamer on their Mount Olympus. To achieve this effect he painted an exuberant architecture to match the room’s interior design, also reflected in the shape of the Carrara marble mantelpiece. It is the largest painted ceiling on canvas in Western Europe and was recently restored.

Book Toilet

Who doesn't love a stack of books in the toilet? It is the perfect time to peruse your favoured literature. That’s exactly what they thought at the Hofkamer. On the second floor you will find the Book Toilet, where not only the walls are covered in books, even the toilet is shaped to look like a pile of books. Reading is not an option, however, as these are imitation books made of wood and covered in leather. This luxurious and amusing ‘lavatory’ would easily win a trophy for the most unique smallest room in the house.

De Hofkamer

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Oude Beurs 27
2000 Antwerpen
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Opening hours

  • From 16 April to 29 October 2023, open on Sundays from 11.00 to 17.00 hrs.


  • Easy access for people with disabilities.

Good to know 

  • Entrance fee: € 6.00 standard rate

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